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We All Tell Tall Tales But…

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Storytelling | 0 comments

Can you do it systematically?

In high school, I would often be chosen to give speeches at special events like Mother’s Day, Graduation, and Día del Idioma (Spanish Day?).

I LOVED giving speeches but HATED sitting down to write them.

I didn’t enjoy the process of actually putting the words down on paper and editing them.

So I’d write fifteen to twenty-minute speeches in my head, and in the morning, I’d wake up at four to write them down in a rush.

I always loved the rush of telling a story, a joke, a speech, or just getting up to talk and hug airspace.

I studied rhetoric and communication in college, and after graduation, I spent my time in corporate storytelling roles (aka sales and business development).

So this is my thing, my passion, my hobby, my outlet, my whatever.

I love telling stories, and I love talking about telling stories just as much.

My newsletter, Tell a Tall Tale, covers topics that will help you write down and share the stories you like telling your friends and family.

Every now and then, I also cover topics on creative recovery, art-making, and rhetorical criticism.

It is exclusively on Substack.

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